IRB prescreening process

IRB prescreening process?

The goal of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) process is to protect the rights and welfare of human subjects and to aid in the facilitation of valuable research (Morris & Morris, 2016). Chamberlain University IRB is a committee that will review, approve, and oversee research produced by the organization to ensure the safety and welfare of human subjects and the facilitation of research. Many students will not require a full IRB review as this is a requirement for the implementation of primary research. In NR 705, Chamberlain University IRB prescreening will be conducted which includes the submission of several key documents for evaluation.  These documents are prepared and submitted during week one of NR 705 and include: (a) the DNP Practicum Form, (b) IRB Prescreening Form, (c) If no IRB approval is required a letter from the cite stating permission to conduct the project or the IRB site approval letter, (d) Copy of the tools for the project and permission letter for use if required, and (e) Informed consent or project information sheet as applicable (Chamberlain University, 2022).

A barrier that may arise during the Chamberlain IRB prescreening process will be if there was an unknown omission of required documents.  To prevent this from occurring, staying in close communication with the professor to ensure all necessary components are accounted for and submitted timely and accurately. In addition to staying in close communication with the professor, conferring with colleagues and peers for feedback in the course will aid in mitigating any barriers. Peer feedback that is constructive, informative, and professional, delivered in a nonjudgmental manner s extremely impactful and can aid in supporting the student to make meaningful changes (Larson et al., 2017).

Will you need to gain IRB approval from your organization? If so, what is the schedule for the organization’s IRB meetings? What is the process you will expect? If you do not need site IRB review, have you arranged to get a letter from your organization that confirms you do not need IRB approval? Please attach the letter to your post.

I will not require IRB approval from the organization as I am conducting a case study and no implementation will occur at the practicum site.

Chamberlain University. (2022). NR 702: Week 8: The IRB prescreen process at Chamberlain University. [Online lesson] Adtalem Global Education.

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Morris, M. C., & Morris, J. Z. (2016). The importance of virtue ethics in the IRB. Research Ethics12(4), 201-216.


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