Social inequities regarding health, illness, and treatment  

Describe three social inequities regarding health, illness, and treatment

  1. What are the characteristics of a medicalized society?
  2. What role do you believe pharmaceutical companies have played in the opioid crisis?
  3. How has climate changed the way we look at weather in the last 5-10 years
  4.  Explain the treadmill of production
  5. Is the water problem in Flint Michigan a science problem or a social problem – explain your reasoning
  6.  Define and give an example of industrialized science
  7. Explain the actor-network theory?
  8. Explain what you think is the changing face of war
  9. Explain the four economic costs of war
  10. Define and explain radicalization
  11. What are the policy implications of the Symbolic Interactionist Perspective?
  12. Explain Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft
  13. What are cultural strangers
  14. Explain gentrification
  15. What is Ernest W. Burgess’ concentric-zone model?
  16. What is urban sustainability
  17. What is Ann R. Markusen’s argument about spatial divide?

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