Sales contract 

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Sales contract 

When creating a sales contract, it is vital to understand what things are most important for the exchange of goods and services. A sales contract is considered as an agreement between the two parties (seller and the buyer) covering sale and delivery of goods. (McKendrick,2014). The sales contract in the United States is controlled by UCC (Uniform commercial code). The international sales in the sales contract fall under the (CISG) Contracts for the international sales of goods.

The sales contract should specify the parties involved, what is being sold (the subject of matter) and any other special terms, materials or conditions in the contract under the UCC (Ayres,2012). Therefore, the sale contract should identify the product that is being sold, pricing, quality standards, payment terms, quantity and delivery terms. The UCC has accepted that sales contract written should be accomplished if some materials are left and has not been signed by both parties.

The common law and the UCC have a statute of frauds (Gopinath et al ., 2014)The sales contract involves some elements that include the description of goods, delivery instructions, payment detail and other important terms in the contract. The contract law is governed by the UCC and the common law. The common law is a legally binding agreement that deals with insurance, real estate, employment contracts, and assets. Sales law is considered as a special contract law that is involved for the parties selling goods. The sales contract is important in providing an agreement between the sellers and the buyer through minimizing disputes.  This can be the only solution for a fair settlement between the two parties.


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