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Empirical Analysis

This week, we are working with the data and examining it further into the second stage of empirical analysis. This stage is imperative to companies as they will be able to use this paired with the first stage to make better business decisions. For this stage, we will be taking a more thorough approach to the data by conducting quantitative and qualitative analyses. At this point, we should have a good overview of everything and should be able to find themes, trends, or patterns. My plan for this stage is to complete regression analysis to help find connections to the data that tie it to the topic of interest. For my final project, the goal is to assist the company with determining which departments should prepare more efficiently for the higher demand during the holiday seasons. I also plan to use the data collected so far from last week and this week to complete the forecasting required for my project as well.

Once all the data has been collected, I will finally be able to begin writing a narrative of what might be happening with the information to assist the company better. The information gathered should be able to help them make more informed decisions regarding their products, employees, inventory, and holiday seasons or times where there is high demand. The project will then be able to come together into the final paper, where I can review once more to ensure nothing significant is missing from the research or analysis.

The project is coming together well at this time, and I feel I am on track to meet the course expectations. At this time, I do not see a need for help with this, although I think a lot of research will be happening while I am working through these methods.

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