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Please note: Although there are many business plans to choose from in this link, you want to select one that addresses all ten of the components listed below. Most of the plans will have subtopics that identify the components. However, it is also important to note that some of these business plans may not clearly identify each of the ten components by subtopics because some of the components may be buried within the plan under another topic or they are missing although. To eliminate the digging, it is strongly recommended that you select a plan that has all the components mentioned. 

Use the following outline as your guide in assessing your chosen business plan to evaluate. Your critique of the business plan will include your insights from the textbook and research on the following sections:

1) Executive Summary

2) General Company Description

3) Products and Services

4) Management Team Plan

5) Industry and Market Analysis 

6) Operational Plan

7) Marketing Plan

8) Financial Plan

9) Growth Plan

10) Appendices (Any that are relevant)

After assessing each component, you will grade that component on a scale of 1 – 4. 

1 (inadequate), 2 (fair), 3 (Good), 4 (excellent).  See the rubrics below.

After evaluating all of the components of the business plan, the group will provide a final grade between 1 (poor) – 4 (excellent) on the business plan, and if the group would be willing to invest collectively $50K into this plan. Validate your decision. 

  1. Do Your Analysis

Once you pick your industry, in understanding what it takes to be not only successful, not only monetarily and in longevity, but in providing quality and performance, in today’s very dynamic and ever-changing business environment. You should also find industry publications that professionals in your selected industry would subscribe to get insights into the factors that are currently impacting your industry.

Since this is not a Finance class you are not required to conduct an in-depth analysis of the financial statements for this assignment. You will, however, need to provide insights into the financial position of the company and how it is going to impact its short and long-term success. Remember, you are looking at this business from an investor’s perspective, so you need to know how financially sound they are to be able to make the final decision to invest your own personal money or not. You will include a narrative and a rationale for why you plan to invest (or not) your money in this company.

  1. Write a Report

1) Write a report that includes a narrative justifying the reason you chose that score and give 2 or more examples that prove your choice. It is here that you will incorporate your analysis and research. You should have at least ten resources and publications to cite, including your “mentor” for that industry.

Remember you MUST cite everything! If it is not common knowledge, whether referenced, paraphrased, or quoted, it must have in-text citations. Review your APA information.

2) Follow the following format and guidelines for your written report:

· Title Page

· Table of Contents (with page numbers)

· Introduction of your industry and business plan your group chose

i. The overall business plan “Grade” and what this report will prove or achieve

· Narrative by category, include the score.

i. Each should be clearly labeled (i.e. heading)

ii. Introduction/summary paragraph w/ score

iii. Minimum of 2 paragraphs (each example should be in it’s own paragraph)

· Conclusion

i. Your decision to invest and why?

· References

i. This should include your “mentor’s” information, all books, journals, periodicals, and websites (including the one with your business plan!).

  1. Assignment is completed in Word

The group will the assignment in a Word document.


Refer to the Business Plan Rubric for in-depth details regarding how you will be graded. You will be graded on content, grammar, spelling, punctuation, expression, and APA compliance, formatting and citations.

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