Week Five – Social Media Assignment

Week Five – Social Media Assignment


Saint Leo University – MBA 565



Social Media – Individual Assignment

Introduce your brand.  Select a brand— Any brand will do BUT IT CANNOT BE A BRAND YOU HAVE ALREADY WRITTEN ABOUT. Be specific, avoid a brand that covers too many products. For example, BMW is too broad, but BMWi8 is fine.  Use the template exactly as provided for subject headers and line-spacing. The Brand is Mercedes C300 to write about.

Brand’s Image

Describe the selected brand’s image. What crosses the customers’ minds when they come across the brand name? Provide references for your answer.

Brand’s Target Market

Describe the brand’s target market in terms of demographics, lifestyle, values, and any other relevant criteria. Provide references for your answer.

Create Your Social Media Endorsement

Create a social media endorsement for the brand. Be creative. You need to slip into the role of the perfect influencer for such a brand. Your endorsement will have to be either a blog or a short (between 60-90 seconds) YouTube video (your choice). If you select the video, you need to provide the screenplay for it. If you choose to do a blog, just write the blog. The criteria is that you should make your endorsement authentic and passionate. Your points will be earned based on how well you communicated based on the criteria for effective messages. Use the BLOG

Result Desired

What action would your social media activity have on your segment?

Future Ideas

What other ideas do you have social media to gain NEW target markets?


Summarize key points here.   Make sure that you have cited at least two authored sources – remember an authored source must have a first and last name.  You should have 1000-words minimum.


List in APA 7th Edition style.   Three authored references required at a minimum.   One must be from Social Media Marketing Journal.

Complete Answer:

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