Research on blueprints and servicescapes

After conducting some research on blueprints and servicescapes, consider a servicescape that you visit often. put up a map of the servicescape. Think of elements like the environment, lights, signs etc. The article “Servicescapes: The Impact of Physical Surroundings on Customers and Employees” by Bitner (1992) is a great starting point.
What are some lessons for you and the company that you learned from this exercise?
Note:  You may use any tool that you like such as Word, PowerPoint or Keynote.  Or, you may draw the servicescape on paper, take a picture of your drawing and upload the picture.

-Create an original post and share with the class the product(s) you purchase and detail how it is also a service.  Attach the map of the servicesape to the original post.
-In your original post, explain how your chosen servicescape maps to the model.

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