Project:Evaluating Project Team

3.5.6Project:Evaluating Project Team work Introduction to Business and Technology Sem 1Points Possible:100



Name:Gabriel Hicks


Your Assignment, Part I

Your colleague Joseph recently completed your company’s first project for SmithPort Playgrounds. He fulfilled the original order for 60 swing sets. The people at SmithPort Playgrounds were so pleased with the swing sets, they began submitting additional orders. Because your company is relatively small, each team has to work as efficiently as possible to juggle the larger-than-usual workload.

1. What are three “take-aways” you noted after reviewing Joseph’s project

2. What details did you enter or add to the project document?

3. If you are TM 3, what was the basic structure of your table? If you are not TM 3, share the feedback you gave to TM 3 on the schedule. (E.g., Did you think the proposed schedule was realistic? What alternative ideas did you provide?)

4. What are some possible risks you think your team should be prepared for?

5. What are possible solutions for these risks?

6. For Part I of this project, assess your and your teammates’ performance in each of the following areas:

  1. Organizational skills:
  2. Note taking/outlining:
  3. Reasoning skills:
  4. Problem-solving skills:
  5. Decision-making skills:

Complete Answer:

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