Different types of project ideas

 1. Generate different types of project ideas and rank them based on different criteria

2. Identify one project idea (with the highest rank in No.1 and prepare a project proposal


Preliminary Pages

i. Title Page (see page 3)

ii. Table of Contents iii. List of Figures (if any)

iv. List of tables (if any)

v. Executive Summary


Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1 Background of the project

1.2 Statement and Justification of the Problem

1.3 Objective of the Project

•  General objective

• Specific objectives

1.4 Scope of the Project


Chapter 2: Project Identification and Concept


2.1. Pre-project Identification/Opportunity Study

2.2. The project Concept and Profile

2.3. Preliminary study


Chapter 3: Project Methods and Procedure

3.1. Project Design

3.2.Types of data 3.3.Sources of data

3.4.Data collection methods and tools

3.5.Population of the study

3.6.Sampling design (if any)

3.7.Sample size (if any)

3.8.Sampling methods (if any)

3.9.Data analysis methods and tools

3.10. schedule

3.11. Resource Budget

3.12. Limitation of the Project

References (inside and at the end): write materials and sources used in the course of preparing your proposal.  Make it concise, clear, and to the point.


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