Analyse the state of the hi-tech sector in London and its connections with other businesses. 

Analyse the state of the hi-tech sector in London and its connections with other businesses.

As well as offering a definition and an overview of general trends in the sector examine in detail the following: providers and business users of new technologies in London; foreign and British companies and local governance as influencers of hi-tech sector development.

This is worth of 25% of the module mark. Please see submission guidance below*.

Assessment Criteria:
a. Appropriate length (no more than 1000 words, excluding Summary), format and structure.
b. You must supply full references for all your sources.
c. Your work should be grammatically sound; please proof-read or spell-check before submission.
d. Evidence of adequate research and the use of an appropriate range of data sources and data presentation formats (graphs, charts, figures and tables, as relevant).
e. Quality and originality of analysis, which focuses on the question requirements.
f. A brief Executive Summary and Conclusion, each of no more than 250 words.
Appendix 1: Marking scheme
Mark Allocation
Executive Summary
This should be used to summarise the key findings of the report.
Layout. Grammar and spelling, use of charts, tables etc. Referencing.
Appropriate format for the report. Section numbering.
Use of a range of sources of information. Evidence that data (of all types) has been accessed and used appropriately.
Evidence that the information you have gathered has been used to produce an ‘answer’ to the question. Rather than simply offering description, some insights (informed by your research) are required.
This should pull together the previous analysis, perhaps highlighting the most important elements and indicating any constraints (in terms of availability of data length, time etc).

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