Management at Fraser Foods Assignment

 Analyse the relationship between organisational goals, objectives and policies and explain their contribution to effective management at Fraser Foods.

Every organisation has a set of goals that they will expect to achieve. Goals are long term. They are the general idea of a businesses’ purposes. Organisations will try to achieve these goals with objectives which are short-term and are detailed. The method they used is called S.M.A.R.T (specific, measured, achievable, realistic) objectives. Finally, to be able to achieve the goals and objectives the business must adhere adequate policies and procedures. They are a set of rules and methods that support businesses to be organise and prepare for any issues that may occur in the future.

To have an effective management Fraser food uses goals, objectives and policies as follow:
Goals: an example of a this is consumer goals the company is as Fraser foods said in their mission statement: ‘We aim to provide our customers with a range of finest quality ready meals, through our commitment to innovation, service and value, in a mutually profitable relationship. We aim to achieve this within a business culture of dignity and respect and by developing long term partnerships with our suppliers. Developing our staff is critical to our success and every opportunity will be taken to maximise each individual’s potential within our business’.

Objectives: they are more detailed than the goals a company want to achieve. In this case Fraser foods is applying this since they would like to expand the business by May 2026. The firm will accomplish this by increasing productivity and reducing the cost of production at the same time.

To be able to achieve their goals and objectives they will need to follow policies and procedures. An example of how Fraser Foods is doing this is by incorporating the health and safety rules, which is a priority and requirement that ensures quality assurance procedures for the firm. Robin does this by having the members of his team to take part in customers visits and to inform them of any issues that could be presented in the future so that they can be prepared.

Effective management: this is when managers follow organisational resources to achieve their targets. This helps managers to improve not only their productivity but also the one of their staff. Also, it helps to increase profit. Fraser foods is having an effective management because they are using managerial resources such as goals, objectives, and policies which are mentioned above. A company would not be in the market for many years without applying these. They are essential in the present moment and for any future plans they would like to accomplish.

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