#MeToo movement|social movement

Introduction Why, when, and where did it start?

What kind of social movement is it? (alternative, redemptive, reformative, revolutionary)

Who were the initial key players and groups behind the movement? What were the initial goals of this social movement?

What obstacles has this movement encountered over time? Body Who are the current key players within this movement?

What groups have shown and provided support for this social movement?

What groups have been in opposition to the goals of this social movement?

Have related social movements developed as a result of this social movement (these could be movements with similar goals or contradictory goals)?

Conclusion What has this social movement achieved as of today? What goals are left to be achieved by this social movement? What did you find most interesting while conducting your research and why?

Should be at least 4 to 5 pages not including reference or title pages. (5 pts.) Should include at least 5 credible/reliable sources listed in APA format on your reference page with associated in-text citations in your paper showing where they were used. (25 pts.) Your paper should contain an APA format title page & section headings, have page numbers, be free of writing errors, and double spaced throughout. (10 pts.)

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