Everything on Demand: The Uberization of E-Commerce

I. Read the case study in Chapter 1 of the textbook titled “Everything on Demand: The Uberization of E-Commerce.”

II. In < 700 words, write a response summary that addresses the following questions/issues:

● What value proposition does Uber offer for its riders?

● Who wins and who loses because of Uber? What, if anything, is controversial

about Uber?

● What are your thoughts about Uber, and about other on-demand services, such as the ones mentioned in the first paragraph of the case? In this section, feel free to talk about your own experiences as a user of such services, or as a provider (if you have such experience), or just your own opinions and observations.

You may consult outside sources to help inform your understanding of the general themes/ideas, but you do not need to. No citations are needed, either. Most of your time and energy should be devoted to the third question. The facilitators and I are looking to see case write-ups that demonstrate effort and originality — not some particular “right” answer to the questions.

Attached is the article, could not download it as a pdf or copy the text so I can only screenshot.

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