How have the theories of Carl Von Clausewitz influenced warfare since 1815|single-spaced one- two page

Write a single-spaced, one- two page outline on above topic, including the thesis, major points, and supporting points of evidence about what is in the argumentative essay. Include documentation in the form of endnotes or footnotes (but not
in-text parenthetical citations).In your conclusion, suggest the significance to today’s military professional.
EXAMPLE: I. Introduction
A. Attention sentence: Recommend you open with a short, clear purpose sentence tied
to your argument, and use short sentences 15 or fewer words.
B. Thesis: state one theoriest, what they did and then describe which theories you will
C. Major points supporting the thesis: Write a sentence that introduces the major points
of evidence that support your thesis. Spell out which theories you plan to argue.
II. Major Point 1 Topic Sentence- a broad statement of your argument for this paragraph.
A. Supporting evidence written in a complete sentence. State the specific theory you
intend to argue
B. Supporting evidence written in a complete sentence. Describe where in Large Scale
Combat Operations this theory is applied successfully (ex. a battle, policy or doctrine) BE

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