Sales marketing

  1. Study the criteria on the Sales Call Score Sheet (Word)Preview the document most salespeople are evaluated on when they go through sales training. Print a copy of the Sales Call Score Sheet and use it to complete the assignment. Become familiar with the terminology and the expected behaviors. If  you don’t understand what they mean, please ASK. Each line item has a letter associated with it. For example, “Introduced him/herself….” is line item “A”.
  2. View the Spring 2015 Sales Tournament Videos (Links to an external site.).
  3. Select one of the videos and watch it, comparing the competitor’s actions to those on the Score Sheet.
  4. Evaluate the competitor role play by completing the Sales Call Score Sheet and make notes on what the competitor did right and what he/she could have done better. Keep in mind that sales does not always go in a perfect sequence because we are humans. The score sheet is a guide. You may have to jump around to evaluate performance. The maximum score for each line item is on the left side.

Your Posting

Answer the following questions. State the question and then your answer.

Please complete the attached score sheet for your selected role player by highlighting their scores or marking them (you need to show the score you gave yourself of each category), then total your scores, then attach the complete form electronically or scan it from written form. 


  • Question #1. State the name of the Competitor. What total score did you give him/her? Describe the overall performance in 2-3 sentences.
  • Question #2. What line items (behaviors) do you feel that the competitor could improve? Explain why you think this area needs improvement.
  • Question #3. After watching this role play, describe three (3) things that you learned about a sales call (meeting) that you did not know before. Be specific.
  • Question #4. Share two (2) questions you have about sales calls and what salespeople do throughout the sales process? Be specific.

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