public service announcement

Choose a public service announcement video clip specific to alcohol (videos only – no written PSAs). First, you need to understand what is a public service announcement. Here are two links to review:  and

The public service announcement can focus on any issue as long as it relates to alcohol use. PSAs are only 30 to 60 seconds long (if they are much longer than it is not a PSA). The PSA has to come from a notable national organization or community association. You can’t select a PSA that was created by an individual, fringe organization, or a student (you will not receive any points if this happens or if you select a video clip that is not a PSA, e.g., lectures are not PSAs). To determine the source, look underneath the video clip.

After selecting the PSA, you need to create a post. Introduce the topic and the PSA, provide a working link (make sure you check it), and then evaluate your PSA using criteria obtain from several media resources (Here are two potential resources to use when evaluating:   1)

2)   You can also use other sources that highlight to evaluate PSAs too

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