Spring 2021


  • Please submit your assignment as an      attachment in your assignments folder.
  • Your assignment cannot be accepted via      messages or email.
  • You must submit to the assignment link by      the due date stated in the syllabus for credit. A missing assignment will      be assigned a 0.
  • Respond to all four questions below on a      new, blank word processing document (such as MS Word). 
  • Develop each answer to the fullest extent      possible, discussing the nuances of each topic and presenting your      arguments logically.
  • In addition, include citations from the class content      resources in weeks 1- 4 to support your arguments.
    • Each answer should be robust and developed       in-depth.
    • You are expected to demonstrate critical       thinking skills, as well as an understanding of the issues identified. Some       questions may also require personal reflection and practical application.       Your responses will be evaluated for content as well as grammar and       punctuation.
    • All writing must be your original work. PLEASE do not copy or quote anything. Sources are just that, a reference. Once you locate       the information, read and interpret the data. What does it mean to you?       Type your own thoughts and own words. Then, include in-text citations       to support your ideas. This is       not a research paper. 


o Include a Cover Page with Name, Date, and Title of Assignment.

  • Do not include the original question, only      the question number.
  • Each response should be written in complete sentences, double-spaced      and spell-checked. Use 12-point Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins      on all sides. Include page numbers according to APA formatting guidelines.
  • In addition, you will want to include      citations in APA format at the end of each answer. Include a minimum of 3      references for each answer.


Question 1:

A) Discuss the evolution of the HR role from administrative to strategic.

· What internal and external factors were involved in this transition?

· Rank and discuss the top three skills needed by HR professionals to be effective as strategic business partners. Provide your rationale with supporting evidence.

B) Reflect on the HR function in your current organization or an organization you have worked for in the past.

· Evaluate the HR role in the organization and discuss the alignment between HR priorities and the organizational strategy (do not name the organization).

· Did you see evidence of a strategic focus? Support your position with specific examples.

Question 2:

A) Discuss the interrelationships between recruiting, selection and retention.

· Why is it important to consider employee retention in the selection process?

· How would you evaluate your organization’s recruiting and selection programs?

· What specific metrics would you use to measure the success of these programs?

B) Assume the role of a human resource manager tasked with developing a new employee retention strategy. How would you appeal to generational differences in the workplace? Propose two ideas and discuss why you believe they would be effective.

Question 3:

A) Discuss how an organization’s culture can impact policies and practices related to diversity and multiculturalism.

· How can HR influence organizational culture to support diversity and multiculturalism?

· Discuss at least three policies or practices that HR can propose.

· How can HR work with leaders to implement these policies or practices?

B) Evaluate and discuss the diversity practices and policies of your own organization or one you have worked for in the past. How does the organizational culture influence diversity and multiculturalism? Provide specific examples, but do not name the organization.

Question 4:

A) Why is retention such a major focus for human resource managers? How does focusing on retention add strategic value to the organization?

B) How would you go about developing an employee retention program for your organization?

· Be specific in terms of what steps you would you take.

· What might be your biggest challenge and why?

· What type of metrics would you need to obtain? Discuss at least two. Why did you select these metrics?

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