Santa Maria Hostel

Santa Maria Hostel RESEARCH Paper !!!!!

1. Social Work/Welfare History

A. Identify three major historical events that have had a major impact

on the services delivered by your Santa Maria (At least one of these

events must be prior to 1950.) Explain why each event is significant.

B. What has been the historical function of social work/social workers in

the delivery of these types of services? What has been the historical

function of social workers within Santa Maria Hostel ?

2. Structure of Services and Institutions

A. Under what auspices does your agency deliver services? What    body/bodies determine the mission and policy of the organization?

What is/are the primary sources of funds for Santa Maria?

B. What is the governing structure of your Santa Maria?  How does your

work unit fit within this structure.

C. What types of services does Santa Maria deliver? What limitations

does the agency place on the kinds of clients or the types of services

available to them? What is the general philosophy employed by the

Santa Maria in delivering services?

D. What types of services should the Santa Maria provide that is not currently

providing? Why aren’t these services being provided?

E. What is the relationship between your Santa Maria and other agencies

that deliver similar services?

3. Policy Analysis

A. Identify three theoretical models used in the policy selection process.

Use two of these models to explain how specific policies in your agency   were adopted or changed. Include in the discussion the identification

and impact of economic, organizational and political pressures that

influenced the adoption or change.

B. Explain the process by which a new policy may be made or an old

policy modified within your agency.

C. Identify any international federal or state laws that affect your agency.   What are the external regulatory agencies with whom your agency is   involved? How do these laws and regulations affect service delivery?

4. Effects of Policy on Client Populations from diverse backgrounds.

A. Identify the characteristics of the client population served by your

Santa Maria. (Minority, gender, religious, sexual preference, etc.)

B. What groups are overrepresented in this population? Give

at least two explanations for this over-representation.

C. In what ways does Santa Maria policy either facilitate service delivery or

create a significant barrier for these groups? What changes

in agency policy are needed?

5. How Social Workers Influence Social Policy

A. What is a social worker’s responsibility in the development and/or

changing of social policy? Explain your answer.

B. What methods, strategies or interventions are commonly used by

social workers to influence social policy?

C. What is the function of organizations such as NASW or NASW/TEXAS

in influencing social welfare policy? What have they done in recent years?

D. Do any agency policies create a conflict or potential conflict with state or

NASW Code of Ethics?

6. Generalist Application of Social Policy

A. Discuss the function of policy analysis at its’ various levels (federal, state,

and agency, within Generalist Social Work practice. Give at least 4


B. Compare and contrast your personal value system with the underlying

values that are found in the analysis of your selected policy

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