Your art lesson plan should be written for Toddles, Preschoolers, or School-agers. It is your choice. This

Your art lesson plan should be written for Toddles, Preschoolers, or School-agers. It is your choice. This plan must contain an objective – what you want children to learn, experience or be able to perform.

Art Experiences that children do must be original, child- initiated (not teacher initiated), open & creative, process – oriented (not product oriented) & focus on the child’s success. Open-ended art allows choice, gives materials to be used, allows child to develop skills at their own rate, values what children create, and talks to children about what they are learning.

It must include how you will address children’s culture during the activity and tell what past experiences will help children do this plan well.
It must also tell 3 past experiences that prepared children to be able to do in this activity.
It also needs to include 3 skills children will need to complete this activity well.
It also must tell 3 possible issues that might occur during the activity that the teacher will need to address.
Set-up: Where will it take place? What materials do you need? How will you prepare for the activity?
Introduction: You must explain the activity & introduce it in an exciting way. You must imply that children will have fun. What instruction do you need to give them? What questions will you ask them to encourage excitement?
It might also include learning. To accomplish that you must include information & knowledge from one of these curriculum domains: Literacy, Math, Science, Social Studies, or physical development.
You must ask open-ended questions to find out children’s thinking and figure out what to achieve with their project. Then you must bring closure to the activity.
Transition: Then you must transition them to the next activity To finish that, you’ll need to ask them what they want to do and include some things they just learned as they transition.
Extension: You will also need to plan at least 3 extension activities – other things they can do that help them keep learning what the activity taught them.
Family Enrichment: You must plan 3 things families can accomplish at home to incorporate a similar activity. They need to follow up.
Observation: You also must observe their learning. Did they meet your objective? What did they learn? Did you write anecdotes, take photos, and put things in their portfolios? This is about documenting their learning.
Evaluation: Finally, you must evaluate how they did in the activity. Did they learn the objective? You also need to plan follow-up activities to keep them learning.

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