Police received an anonymous letter describing a drug transaction, including the dates, time, names of participants

Police received an anonymous letter describing a drug transaction, including the dates, time, names of participants, drug types, and quantities Police confirm that the parties referred to, in fact, reside at the residence and that there is considerable traffic at that location many of which are known drug users. The names of the persons renting the dwelling are run through a national drug user database, and those persons are confirmed as living at the address provided. Officers ask the garbage man to pick up the garbage at the residence and save it for them. The garbage is picked up at the curb, placed in the cab of the truck and turned over to the police. Upon examination of the garbage they discover drug paraphernalia including: hypodermic needles, crack bags and a broken crack pipe with residue. Prior to entering the premises an individual is seen leaving. Out of sight of the house the police detain the individual for the purposes of determining his relationship to the premises. Fearing the man might be armed police pat him down and find a firearm. He is arrested and removed from the scene. Using the information gathered from the informant and the garbage they apply for a search warrant. The warrant is granted. Upon execution of the warrant, which specifies drugs and related paraphernalia, police find drugs and arrest the two occupants. In a cushion under suspect one a film canister is found and seized. The canister is opened and a roll of developed film is found. When held up to the light the film reveals pictures of child pornography. At the police station suspect two is processed and personal possessions inventoried. During the process a small plastic envelope is discovered in a cigarette package and determined to be crack cocaine.

Discuss the legality of the searches and seizures of all evidence and persons.

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