Much of the information you will need you can find in your textbook. However, you must include at least

Much of the information you will need you can find in your textbook. However, you must include at least one peer-reviewed academic research article. To find articles easily, go to this link to PsychArticles: Psych Articles Database From off-campus, this database can be accessed by entering your K-number and password. Enter your search keywords, which will likely be the name of your selected disorder. I recommend checking the box for peer-reviewed articles. You can also click on full-text to find articles that can be printed in their entirety. Be sure your selected article meets the IMRAD criteria as described below. Some articles can be obtained online, others can be obtained at the Kirkwood library or requested through any Kirkwood center. 1. What is the disorder you are reviewing? You must select a disorder from this list: social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia (include each of the following: disorganized, catatonic, paranoid), and antisocial personality disorder Failure to select a topic on the list results in a 5 point penalty on the report.2. What are the symptoms of this disorder? What would it be like to be a person with this disorder? Be as specific as possible.3. Does this disorder fit into a larger category of disorders? (For example, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, etc.) Name and describe this category in detail. – OR – If your disorder is a category, describe the specific disorders that fall within it.
4. What are some possible causes of this disorder? Explain the potential causes in detail.5. How do different psychological perspectives view this disorder (for example: learning/behavioral, psychoanalytic, sociocultural, cognitive, biological, etc.). Include AT LEAST three different perspectives. You probably won’t find this information written out anywhere. You’ll need to integrate your knowledge of the perspectives with your knowledge of the disorder to answer this question. You can find information about each perspective in the first chapter of the textbook.6. How is this disorder treated? Describe specific treatment techniques and how they are carried out. Include both therapies and medications used.7. Review and critique your academic research article. Be as detailed as possible. Include information on the subjects involved, the research method used, how the study was conducted, and the results of the study. Be sure that you are using articles that describe an academic research study related to your disorder. The articles should meet the IMRAD criteria. In other words, the article should have an introduction, methods, results, and discussion section.8. Include a reference list in a format. Info on how to do so can be found at: Cite any additional sources used as well. Pay very close attention to punctuation and capitalization. Do not include the words “vol” or “pp”.Do not use articles from popular publications intended for the general public like Psychology Today or US News and World Report. Instead, find academic articles from journals such as the Journal of Abnormal Psychology, the Journal of Experimental Psychology, or the Psychology of Addictive Behaviors. Be sure that your articles meet the IMRAD criteria:IMRAD:How can you decide whether an article is a report of empirical research? A report of empirical research must include the following sections: an introduction that states the problem (I), a methods section that tells how theproblem was studied (M), a results section that reports the findings (R),and discussion which explains whatthe findings mean (D) (IMRAD). Look for the “Introduction”, “Methods”, “Results” and “Discussion” subheadings. Here are a few hints to help you. Sometimes there is no subheading “Introduction” for the introduction section. But when reading the beginning of the article you will be able to tell that it is an introduction as it will introduce you to the topic and to the research that has already been done on the topic. Also, the subheading for the results section might instead be “Findings” and the subheading for the discussion section might be “Conclusion”.

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