Business Analysis

Business Analysis

Case Example: Cafeteria Ordering System
Background, Business Opportunity, and Customer Needs
A majority of Process Impact employees presently spend an average of 60 minutes per day
going to the cafeteria to select, purchase, and eat lunch. About 20 minutes of this time is spent
walking to and from the cafeteria, selecting their meals, and paying for their meals by cash or
credit card. When employees go out for lunch, they spend an average of 90 minutes off-site.
Some employees phone the cafeteria in advance to order a meal to be ready for them to pick
up. Employees don’t always get the selections they want because the cafeteria runs out of
certain items. The cafeteria wastes a significant quantity of food that is not purchased and must
be thrown away. These same issues apply to breakfast and supper, although far fewer
employees use the cafeteria for those meals than for lunch.
Many employees have requested a system that would permit a cafeteria user to order meals
on-line, to be delivered to a designated company location at a specified time and date. Such a
system would save those employees who use the service considerable time and it would
increase the chance of them getting the food items they prefer. This would improve both their
quality of work life and their productivity. Knowing what food items customers want in advance
would reduce wastage in the cafeteria and would improve the efficiency of cafeteria staff. The
future ability for employees to order meals for delivery from local restaurants would make a
wider range of choices available to employees and provides the possibility of cost savings
through volume purchase agreements with the restaurants. It might also permit Process Impact
to have the cafeteria handle only individual lunches, relying on restaurants to fill orders for
breakfasts, dinners, special events, and weekend meals.


Develop a list of typical requirements for this project:

List at least 3 functional requirements that would likely be part of this project.
List at least 2 non-functional requirements that could be part of this project.
Also, list at least one or more project constraints.
Be specific in defining your requirements, and include measurable criteria for the functional items.

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