Analytical Summary Report

Analytical Summary Report

This assignment is a comprehensive report on your ability to focus on role of business technology in the project management field. Your ability to search, synthesize and summarize your research along with writing a report will involve the attributes and characteristics of a successful project manager. Consider this assignment a practice exercise for what you will typically encounter while on the job as a professional project manager!

Specifically, you will want to center your research and report on the following questions and considerations:

1. What are emerging trends in Business Technology Management that will have an impact on Project Management field?

2. How has the field of Project Management changed recently with a greater emphasis on technology and software applications?

3. What Business Technology skills should a Project Manager have in order to be successful? Why?

4. How does software impact the role of a Project Manager within a work setting or an organization/company?

5. What are the major differences between soft skills and hard technology skills and attributes? Which are more important for a manager’s success?

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