You must build a website for a small manufacturing company. The index page should have a picture of your

You must build a website for a small manufacturing company. The index page should have a picture of your choice at the top left, the made-up name of your company to the right and a menu area below with links to three pages, contactus, productquote and productinfo. All pages should have this same format at the top. In addition, the output area in the center should be formatted with a color scheme other than white background with black lettering. Make the page somewhat attractive, but mostly functional and readable.

For the contact us page, you will make a contact page asking the user for their first and last name, address, city, state, zip, phone, email and a radio button asking if they wish to be a part of the mailing list with options for yes or no. For this page, you will be verifying that the user has entered something in the last name, address, zip, phone, email and mailing list fields. The other fields are not required. If they are missing any of these items, the page should display the name of the item missing. If all items are entered correctly, it should show a message saying “Thank you”.

For the product quote page, you will code a page that show the 8 products listed below and their prices. The user can check a checkbox next to each item that will allow the product to be added to their quote. As checkboxes are checked and unchecked, it should update the total that is shown. The total should be shown to the right, with another output below for the sales tax, and another output below that for the final total with tax. The sales tax rate is 11%.

Basic Widget $19.95 Specialty Widget $59.95

Small Widget $29.95 Limited Widget $69.95

Medium Widget $39.95 Supreme Widget $79.95

Large Widget $49.95 ` Ultimate Widget $89.95

For the product info page, you will use the products given up above and code a page with the name of the products listed. From there a js file named prodnotes.js will need to be created that will hold 2 arrays. One array will hold descriptions for each item, you will need to create the descriptions, they should be about a sentence in length. The other array will hold information about an image that should relate to each widget. You can utilize any 8 different generic images for this, as long as they are appropriate. The names of the products listed should have a link on them, that when clicked will utilize javascript to make a pop up window that will show both the description of the product and the image related to that project. The javascript needed to create the pop up window should be in a different js file than the prodnotes file.

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