we need a simple stand-alone Java program from scratch

we need a simple stand-alone Java program from scratch.
Simple geometrical reasoning is at the core of Battleships. One important notion is
adjacency, with two sub-types: edge adjacency and corner adjacency. For example,
the square (4,3) is edge-adjacent to the square (3,3), it is corner-adjacent to the
square (3,2), and it is not adjacent to the square (6,7).
Write a program that reads a square from the user, and prints out three lists:
1) a list of all edge-adjacent squares,
2) a list of all corner-adjacent squares, and
3) a list of all squares which are not adjacent at all.
Our version of battleships is played on a 7 by 7 board. The lower-left square is (0,0).
As noted, the program will read from the console a shot specification.
You can decide which formats to handle. They may include, for example,
specifications like
3 0 a7 b 2
An A-level program will handle the following input formats.
• 4
You should print “Invalid” in following input cases
• A7
• b2

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