Find a dataset of your interest from Tableau Public

Find a dataset of your interest from Tableau Public, Kaggle, or Google Dataset Search and import it into python using one of the pandas functions (read_csv, read_excel)
Think of 2-3 business questions that you’d like to answer using the data
Write the code and document your steps in a Jupyter notebook to accomplish the following:
Load your data
Clean your data for analysis and get it into DataFrames
Demonstrate the following in your notebook:
Ability to index DataFrames
Ability to view column headers, first n rows, and last n rows in a DataFrame
Ability to select specific data points from a DataFrame
Ability to sort DataFrames
Ability to summarize DataFrames using GroupBy
Ability to run basic descriptive statistics on a DataFrame
Ability to build a basic chart with DataFrames with plot()
Run a basic data analysis to find at least two interesting insights and describe why they are useful
You should call out the code that produces these insights, as well as a visual representation of the insights (visualization, table, number, etc.)
You should use comments/markup to describe the insight and why it’s important directly in the Jupyter Notebook

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