Create the UML diagram for the Student class

Create the UML diagram for the Student class:

class name: Employee

fields: name, emailAddress


*setters, getters
attendMeeting(), finishTask()


Create the Employee class in a java file (which you created from the UML Diagram):

class name: EmployeeLastNameFirstName

fields: name, emailAddress, hoursWorked, rate
*setters: setName(String neym), setEmailAddress(String email), setHoursWorked(int hrs), setRatePH(double rph)
* getters: getName(), getEmailAddress(), getHoursWorked(), getRate(), getWage()

Following the example for the Person class file, fill in the bodies of the setters and the getters. The getWage() method must display the wage of the employee by multiplying rate and the number of hours worked. (Just like the getArea() method in where the length and the width is multiplied.)

In the main method, display the name, email address, rate, number of hours worked, and the wage.

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