Develop a simple patient teaching plan

Develop a simple patient teaching plan. Identify important information to include in the teaching plan for the patient in the case scenario below.

Mrs. Halleck is at the clinic for a weekly follow-up appointment. She reports that she has been taking her blood pressure at home, and her readings during the past 2 weeks have been consistently around 130/85 mmHg. On examination, her weight is 151 lb, TO 98.5°F, BP 131/84 mmHg, P 85 beats/min, R 20/min. Mrs. Halleck reports that is very stressed about her blood pressure. She has already lost a baby and she is afraid she may lose this one. In addition, as a relatively young teacher, she does not have a lot of sick time built up and if she cannot return to work, she doesn’t know how she and her husband will be able to pay their bills. “My parents won’t help,” she says, “My mother is still more worried about her image than she is about me.” Mrs. Halleck begins to cry and states, “I cry all the time now. I can’t sleep. My husband says he doesn’t know what to do with me. I knew we should’ve waited before we tried to have another baby!”

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