1. What security benefit does performance monitoring offer administrators?

1. What security benefit does performance monitoring offer administrators?
a) The CPU is fast enough to keep up with requests
b) The server’s hard disk can be monitored before it runs out of space

c) It can show an unusual amount of traffic is being recorded on the network adapters
d) It maintains the status of antivirus and vulnerability software

2. A security administrator needs to review auditing results. Where will this information be found?
a) Security log
b) Properties of the object being audited
c) Group policy
d) In a firewall

3. In order for log data to be aggregated to a single server, what is needed to provide this functionality?
a) Syslog
c) Event viewer
d) SIEM dashboard

4. Which security feature provides real-time analysis of centralized log data?
a) Syslog
b) SIM
c) UBA
d) SEM

5. Royse is an authorized employee of his firm and when providing biometric credentials, access was denied. Which describes what happened?
a) FAR
b) OTP
c) FRR
d) CER

6. How does the Enforce Password History setting help create a strong password strategy?
a) It prevents users from ever reusing a previous password
b) It prevents users from adding numbers to the end of a previous password
c) It prevents users from using a previous password for a specified number of changes.
d) It prevents passwords that are already being used by others

7. Luis is a forensic investigator for a firm. Which access control policy will allow easy configuration of his rights and permissions based on his job functions?
c) MAC
d) Rule-based access

8. Your company is building a new facility and wants to prevent vehicles from having physical access near the building. Which of these solutions provides the best prevention of vehicle proximity?
a) Install a PTZ camera
b) Install bollards
c) Install Jersey walls
d) Require photo ID for all individuals parking their car near the building

9. Due to the vast amount of computer and network equipment running, which of the following is one of the biggest threats to most data centers?
a) Unauthorized access
b) Phishing attacks
c) Heat-related issues
d) AUP violation

10. Your organization is concerned with security violations. Which strategy will best help the security team identify unwanted access?
a) Motion detection sensors
b) Fences
c) Mantraps
d) Natural barriers

11. An employee left the organization, and it was discovered that person had removed confidential information during their last week of employment. Which strategy should the company review for improvement?
a) Separation of duties
b) Onboarding procedures
c) Clean desk policy
d) Offboarding procedures

12. Which statement best describes operating system hardening?
a) Uninstalling older programs
b) Patching systems to potential vulnerabilities in the operating system
c) Installing a packet filtering firewall
d) Creating a system baseline

13. Which of the following should be ensured before shutting down a service?
a) The service startup-type is set to manual
b) Other services depend on this service running
c) Components are needed for this service to run
d) The system is located in the c:windowssystem32 directory

14. Which of the following is not a technique used in account hardening?
a) Remove unnecessary shares
b) Limiting membership of the administrator group
c) Ensure only authorized users have access to the root password
d) Verify current employees to active user accounts

15. Which security technique specifically helps prevent network attacks?
a) Virtualizing servers
b) Utilizing EDR
c) Blocking specific services on a non-standard port
d) Monitoring traffic with a HIDS

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