Please can you paraphrase this Introduction In modern times, the production of supplies to chains are vital to the d

Please can you paraphrase this Introduction In modern times, the production of supplies to chains are vital to the development and fulfillment of modern technology, they are changing rapidly as sectors overlap, products involved, and global locations of suppliers change (Kube, 2015). When assisting a consumer, the preparation of merchandise or providing the service must be efficient and have some practicality, this method also requires that there is assurance that there is value added in each measure so the business can maintain its competing advantage. In the ideal society, that process would operate smoothly, and everything would always go according to design, however that is not the case, due to the globalization of progression in the IT field it becomes extremely difficult as more individuals are associated with the chain. This causes the chain to not be as effective and doesn’t allow just a glance at the internal workings of the management units but also now focuses on the external proportions. A supply chain is connected internally, and that interconnection can undoubtably include people from all over the world, including those with diverse cultures, abilities, purposes, and different technology. A risk that is maintained when dealing with a supply chain is that the data is shared within the supply divisions, this shared information can increase the company’s chance to be at risk or cause potential damage to the company. Supply Chain Risk Since technology is now produced globally, there is high a possibility vulnerabilities can be added by error or voluntarily by others. With this growth of technology, the world’s entire digital information capacity is now doubling in size every two years, this is data mainly created and communicated over the Internet. The population of Internet use grows continuously every day. An example of a global compose product would be the MacBook computer, the manufacturing of a MacBook six specific components come from all around the world. The 2 CSIA 350: SUPPLY CHAIN RISK ANALYSIS critical risk are the time sensitive components which are managed more strictly which means various individuals are included in the supply chain like the providers or the merchants. Companies can also get their goods produced from other countries than the US as the price of producing material can be significantly cheaper. Typically, businesses concentrate on cyber security efforts and sometimes neglect to pay attention to third-party providers. While a company can own vital cyber security systems and have different types for security methods a supplier doesn’t often have the same. While there may be a positive association with the suppliers in the companies, there may not be secure methods in place. For example, when working with a low-end supplier business may have to be more cautious than if they were to work with suppliers on the higher end. Systems provided by the supplier may hold different risk or vulnerabilities within the software, while the system that the company owns has no issues at all. Another possibility is that the supplier may not repair their system frequently or apply the updated security to prevent hackers from quickly taking advantage of their systems. If your software is not kept up to date it may cause the loss of data from the business and result in information of suppliers and business secrets being leaked. A breach of the system is not ideal however the compromise of a system that manages classified data could cause more damage than the system that is managing public data that is available. A high understanding the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) a company will be able to secure their system more appropriately to prevent any risk factors. There are five major risk factors for supply chains, these rest factors are: shipment and delivery, country of origin, internal processes, social and I responsibilities, and security. The risk factor that is the country of origin is an important factor to be considered because the company needs to know the location of their supplier the location of their supplier plays a key role because 3 CSIA 350: SUPPLY CHAIN RISK ANALYSIS the location of the supplier could determine how valuable the equipment is to hackers and threats which would intern make the risk higher. Another factor is that suppliers need to be able to deliver supplies within a timely manner, if the supplies are not delivered on time this could cause risk to the company. Blanchard wrote in 2009, that companies when looking to buy should inquire about the materials used to construct the building, the lighting around the perimeters, if there is security such as locks on all windows and doors, the existence of a guard gates and perimeter fencing and if there is proper cargo storage procedures that’ll help access the ability of the supplier to keep the location secure regardless of natural disaster or institutional threats (Blanchard, 2009). By soliciting this information it’ll help the company understand the suppliers internal process and how they provide security when completing the manufacturing process. Best Practices Before researching different links in the supply chain, the business must first start by looking at themselves since they are a vital piece of the supply chain. At the start of the supply chain organization is vendor management, which is holds the responsibility for ensuring that contract terms and conditions are set in place and met throughout the process. The supply chain group may have responsibility for negotiations though, these negotiations are supported by a diverse team that would include security and IT personnel. Having a self-governing third-party that is not affected by the business to run inspections is also beneficial. There should also be security guidelines in place that is distributed amongst suppliers and staff to keep everybody well informed. A supply chain is only secure when everyone involved throughout the supply chain process carries out coordinated and effective security measures. These measures will ensure the integrity of data from the supply chain for the safety of all goods and the security of the global economy (Lloyd, 2017). Collaboration, trust and clarity are also vital for the longevity and 4 CSIA 350: SUPPLY CHAIN RISK ANALYSIS protection of a company. The reason why trust is vital is because suppliers are often granted admittance into the internal working systems of businesses and if not properly used this could leave the business open to threats. For example, if guidelines are not set up the business can be targeted by hackers that will attack the supplier systems obtain information on how to hack into the private business information. A way to mitigate this risk is by going over the different security measures that are expected to be maintained with your supply chain. Also, when working with a potential supply vendor, the business should always assess their cyber security program before hand to prevent any risk since hackers continue to advance with their tactics and find new ways to infiltrate systems. Another best practice is to always ensure that the company maintains an updated security system because what might’ve been beneficial to the company in the past regarding security may now be outdated and counterproductive. It is crucial that companies use some of these best practices to protect their company because hackers can cost the companies an excessive amount of money, tarnish the company’s reputation, and result in the loss of important data. Conclusion In conclusion, a company can own critical and important cybersecurity systems, methods, and procedures while a third-party company may not. A business that is not cautious when working with low-end suppliers compared to the higher-end suppliers in the market run the chance of an increased risk which could result in a larger expense. However, by using best practices like inspections of supply chain to look out for vulnerabilities and targeted risks, the unexpected expense can be avoided. Communication, collaboration, and clarity between the merchants will ensure the protection and sustainability of the company.

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