Help, I need your input and ideas.

Help, I need your input and ideas.

You work for Rush Deliveries, a bicycle messenger company in St. Louis.  As a member of the MIS team, you are tasked with making deliveries faster, more efficient, and safer.  Your requirements are: The project needs to be budget conscious, and a  few of Rush Delivery’s biggest clients require privacy.

Doing some earlier research, you know this about the St. Louis area:

  • There is a secure Wireless WAN, but access fees are very high.
  • There is an unsecured Wireless WAN, free for any public use.
  • Several bicycle couriers have been robbed of their electronic gadgets while working. Packages have been left alone.

Make a proposal to the Chairman of the Board (me) on how best to accomplish this task. Determine MIS analysis of needs, current IT systems, changes that need to be made based on your solution, cost, and why this expense should be made.

You may need little research.  If you suggest changes to any IT systems, be sure you answer what processes change and how the current IT systems will change at what costs.

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