1. True or False: Automating a workflow that is not working well is a great way to fix it.

1. True or False: Automating a workflow that is not working well is a great way to fix it.
2. Fictional Corp is in the process of merging with Widgets Inc. They both use different cloud service providers for a variety of different applications that their employees need to perform their jobs. The IT departments of the organizations have been tasked with merging the IT infrastructure. One of the first tasks that they are looking at is combining the directory services for the two organizations so that all users are in one large LDAP database. Migrating from one cloud service provider to another is currently not a possibility due to the complexity of the applications deployed. Which of the following describes the type of infrastructure they will end up with as they continue to link the infrastructures together?

a. Public cloud
b. Private cloud
c. Multi-cloud
d. Hybrid cloud


3. How does Azure manage IAM services?
a. Through Azure Active Directory
b. Through a user object representing a human
c. Through a user ID and password
d. Through an Azure-based access control (ABAC) list

4. Which on-prem storage technology refers to a distinct network of storage devices and the infrastructure that supports them in providing centralized, fault-tolerant block storage?

a. DAS (direct attached storage)
b. NAS (network attached storage)
c. NFS (Network File System)
d. SAN (storage area network)

5. What term refers to high levels of variety in high volumes and arriving at high velocity (the three Vs)?
a. Internet of Things
b. Big data
c. High availability
d. Tokenization

6. Which type of storage is a more cloud-native storage infrastructure?
a. Relational storage
b. Block storage
c. Object storage
d. File system storage

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