SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT QUESTION: The head of Hali-Naturecare has recently received a request from a retail pharmacy chain based in Johannesburg Gauteng. The retail pharmacy, Bea-well co-op, would like to establish a trial relationship for the upcoming year. They have offered to pay an extra R20 per package of vitamins but would like Hali-naturecare to organize it and bear the transportation costs.

Decide whether Hali-naturecare should agree to trial a partnership with bea-well co-op or not. Acting as a consultant to the firm, articulate whether you believe this partnership will enhance the economic growth of Hali-naturecare’s supply chain or reduce it. Explain your decision, making reference to transport related costs, the overall potential benefit of the partnership and what specific challenges you foresee.
In your answer, you should make explicit reference to the impact of etolling on this operation (be sure to include additional sources in your answer and reference these) The more specific your answer, the better. You may make use of bullet points if you would like to.


I nee d M ax 2 0 li n es

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