Question 3 (CASE STUDY)

Question 3 (CASE STUDY)
Toxic company culture nearly ended her start-up Cadence from Emery School of Coffee, a business that offers coffee-making courses ranging from leisure to professional certifications, mentioned that their business crisis happened not too long ago due to negligence. To be more specific, she said, “For a period of time, I was away for some projects overseas, and was more focused on the training side of the business, and neglected the human resource and organisational management of the cafe.”
“It started with a senior staff member having difficulty working with one of the managers due to personal grudges. The company culture became very toxic as silent treatments, gossip, and backchat became the norm,” she carried on. Having said that, she felt mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted to the point that she was losing weight because of the constant anxiety of having to juggle many things simultaneously. Additionally, this happened towards the tail-end of the COVID-19 pandemic, which made it difficult to spend large funds to find the right candidate for the job. She also had to clear up their backlogged classes due to prior movement restrictions. At a point, she even contemplated giving up her coffee school business in favour of venturing into something that had less human factors involved. Adapted from source: Tan, K. (2022, Sept 19). 4 M’sian entrepreneurs share their worst business crisis, and how they triumphed through. Vulcan Post.

(a) Based on the article above, explain to Cadence, the business owner of Emery School of Coffee, regarding the FOUR (4) key characteristics of an entrepreneur that Cadence needs to be equipped so that she can solve the management challenges that mentioned in the

( main points with explanation and examples)

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