Identify areas of weakness in the workplace

Identify areas of weakness in the workplace.


Suggest ways of improving these areas.


Eatwell is a factory that produces plastic containers for storing food. The company has 80 employees who are full and part-time. 15 members of staff have worked with the company since it opened 25 years ago. They understand how a lot of the systems work and like to deal with any issues in their own way.

The staff turnover is high, and on exit interviews, many staff indicate that they do not feel welcome; are often ignored; and do not feel that they are learning anything. This is because training is not structured and is left to the people who have worked in the area for a long time.

There have been constant small accidents and there are two people currently off sick. One tripped over a box that had been left on the floor and another received a back injury from moving equipment.

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