A new manager of a local surf shop notices an employee listening to the ear pods while on the sales floor which is against company policy

A new manager of a local surf shop notices an employee listening to the ear pods while on the sales floor which is against company policy. The new manager reprimands the employee during their first day of work together and the employee never violates the policy in question or any other policy again. Nearly a year later, the same employee is surprised when they receive a negative performance review from their manager that states that they frequently disregard employee policies. What might be contributing to the perception that the employee frequently disregards policies?

Conscious bias

Like me bias

Recency bias

Primacy bias

The rate at which something occurs is known as ________________.

Group of answer choices





is when our reactions to a stimulus are affected by our exposure to another stimulus.

Group of answer choices

Like-me bias


Unconscious Bias

Primacy Bias

Xavier is a member of the LGBTQ+ community and he reports to Human Resources that he has been discriminated against in that he has repeatedly been passed over for promotion. The Human Resources Manageropens an investigation and they select a variety of individuals within Xavier’s department but they choose to not interview any of the LGBTQ+ employees within the department. Xavier is concerned that no LGBTQ+ representatives were interviewed as he believed it is being done intentionally to silence any potential negative feedback that supports discrimination claims. If the Human Resources Manager believes that no discrimination occurred, the decision to not interview representatives from the LGBTQ+ would be rooted in which of the following?

Group of answer choices


Like-me bias

Recency Bias

Confirmation Bias

Human Resources meets with Nikki’s manager to discuss concerns surrounding Nikki’s performance. The manager states that Nikki has been consistently late in submitting her submissions. What could be driving this perception?

Like-me bias

Primacy bias

Confirmation bias

Recency bias

Using the Evaluation Framework, what is the most likely score for Frequency?






Nikki’s manager shares with Human Resources that Quality Scores have been at an unacceptable level. Human Resources acknowledges that there has been some volatility in her scores but how might they best determine the “Magnitude” for this situation?

Average her score just like a GPA

Only use the most recent quality scores of A given that she has been improving

Examine quality scores from peers to determine how Nikki’s scores compare.

Provide Nikki one more month to submit a report and examine her quality score at that point in time.

Nikki’s manager shares that he mentioned to Nikki verbally that he was concerned about her low quality score in January. What type of action does this reflect?

Formal Action

Informal Action

No Action

Progressive Disciplinary System

Human Resources meets with Nikki to discuss the performance concerns raised by her manager. During the discussion, Human Resources mentions that Nikki’s “laziness” is taking a toll on the team. If Nikki stopped engaging in the conversation or listening, what is most likely the reason given the information shared?

Information overload

Selective Listening

Red Flag Words

Shifting Channels

What question could Coastal Insurance ask if they wanted to examine this situation for Frequency using the Evaluation Framework?

Group of answer choices

Do we have the authority to promote him?

Is Jose’s performance a big enough deal in comparison to peers to warrant a promotion?

Was Jose’s performance a one-time thing or a trend?

All of the above

What question could Coastal Insurance ask if they wanted to examine this situation for Impact using the Evaluation Framework?

Group of answer choices

Is Jose’s performance deserving of a promotion?

What happens if we fail to promote Jose?

What is the company policy in terms of promotion?

Does Jose’s manager have the authority to make this determination?

What is not an example of relevant data or feedback for this matter?

Group of answer choices

Interviews with sales representatives who might report to Jose if he is promoted and have worked with Jose previously

Jose’s sales performance data

Jose’s peformance reviews

Interviews with sales representatives who have never worked or interacted with Jose

Suppose Jose’s supervisor has input into the decision to promote Jose but he cannot do so without the approval of Human Resources. What is the most likely score for Authority as viewed through the Evaluation Framework?

Group of answer choices





Channels are shifting in communication. Which of the following questions should not be considered when deciding which channel should be used?

Group of answer choices

Does the channel I am using match the urgency of the situation?

Is it appropriate given who I am contacting and what I am discussing?

What channel was used previously?

Am I able to effectively communicate using this method?

Given that listening often fails, it is recommended to do ย of the following except:

Group of answer choices

Plan out your communication.

Engage the participant at the very end but only at the end of the conversation.

Cover only what you need to say in the conversation.

Recognize when a conversation is not effective.

_______________is when you listen with greater concentration, less tolerance for distractions, and greater feedback for the speaker.

Group of answer choices

Situational Timing

Selective Listening

Unbiased Listening

Active Listening

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