Explain the business process in Rayani airline

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Rayani Air Sdn. Bhd was a full-service airline in Malaysia (2016 )headquartered in Shah Alam, Selangor, in the Kuala Lumpur metropolitan area. It was the first Sharia-compliant airline in Malaysia and the fourth such airline in the world, after Royal Brunei Airlines), Saudi Arabian Airlines and Iran Air.

No alcoholic beverages or pork were served on board in accordance with Islamic dietary laws and prayers were recited before every flight. It was forced to cease operations after only five months due to management, safety and security issues, pilot strikes, and lack of funding.

Students are required to do presentation about your findings . Keep the following in mind as you do your presentation and documentation .

  • Explain the business process in Rayani airline.
  • Identify the problems / issues faced by the company
  • Identify and specify and critically analyse the need of IS within the organizational framework support decision making ( relate with : decision making process  and system supporting decion making )
  • Relate strategies organizational objectives to management techniques and methodologies ( relate with : competitive strategies )
  • Rayani Airline , what are the promotion activities suggested to improve their business process to improve the customer satisfaction
  • Critically evaluate proposal for IS implementation supporting  organizational improvements and changes to be done for Rayani Airline to back in the Air.

Answer Guide

To effectively present your findings on Rayani Air Sdn. Bhd., you can structure your presentation as follows:

Slide 1: Title

  • Title: “Rayani Air Sdn. Bhd.: Challenges and Opportunities”

Slide 2: Introduction

  • Briefly introduce Rayani Air and its unique position as Malaysia’s first Sharia-compliant airline.
  • Mention the challenges that led to its closure.

Slide 3: Business Process in Rayani Air

  • Explain the business process of Rayani Air, focusing on its unique selling points such as Sharia compliance.
  • Highlight the aspects of its service, including no alcoholic beverages or pork, and pre-flight prayers.

Slide 4: Problems and Issues

  • Identify and discuss the problems and issues faced by the company:
    • Management issues: Discuss any mismanagement or leadership problems.
    • Safety and security concerns: Address safety lapses or security issues.
    • Pilot strikes: Explain the impact of pilot strikes on operations.
    • Lack of funding: Discuss financial challenges.

Slide 5: The Need for Information Systems (IS)

  • Explain the need for IS within the organizational framework, particularly in decision-making processes.
  • Discuss how IS can support decision-making, especially in critical areas like safety and financial management.

Slide 6: Relating Organizational Objectives to Management Techniques

  • Discuss how Rayani Air’s competitive strategies and organizational objectives may have been impacted by the challenges.
  • Explain how management techniques and methodologies could have been aligned with the organizational goals.

Slide 7: Promotion Activities for Improved Business Process

  • Suggest promotion activities that Rayani Air could have implemented to enhance its business process and customer satisfaction:
    • Marketing campaigns: Explain strategies to attract more passengers.
    • Customer engagement: Discuss ways to improve the passenger experience.
    • Partnering with travel agencies: Explore opportunities for collaborations.

Slide 8: IS Implementation for Organizational Improvements

  • Critically evaluate proposals for IS implementation that could support organizational improvements and help Rayani Air get back in the air:
    • Safety and security systems: Discuss how IS can enhance safety and security measures.
    • Financial management tools: Explain how IS can improve financial stability.
    • Customer relationship management (CRM) systems: Discuss how CRM can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Slide 9: Conclusion

  • Summarize the key findings and recommendations for Rayani Air.
  • Emphasize the importance of aligning organizational objectives, management techniques, and IS implementation for success.

Slide 10: Questions and Discussion

  • Open the floor for questions and discussion, encouraging the audience to explore the topics further.

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