Military Spending Assignment

Military Spending Instructions

In the last few weeks, we have witnessed news updates from the state and federal levels of government addressing change in education polices. We seen current events that have addressed, book banning, teacher shortages, gender regulations, education budgets and more.

I came across article that applies to our class and warrants an opportunity to earn extra points. If you have interest, please continue reading. Please note- this assignment is optional and NOT mandatory.

If  you have interest in this assignment, please take a moment to revisit these chapters to refresh yourself on the content, then follow the assignment instructions below:

Optional Assignment Opportunity: Due 05/05/2023 by 11:59 PM

Part I (worth 50 points)

  1. Read this article:
  2. Compose an essay with at least a 200-word count detailing the following:
    1. What news source is the article form?
    2. In your own words, tell me what this article is about.
      1. How much did the U.S. government spend on the military in 2022?
      2. How much did the U. S. government spend on education in 2022?
      3. What is Biden’s spending plan for education and military defense for year 2024?
    3. Discuss how this article applies to the following chapters:
      1. Chapter 1- discuss how this article connects with chapter 1.
      2. Chapter 6- discuss how this article connects with chapter 6.
      3. Chapter 7- discuss how this article connects with chapter 7.
      4. Chapter 14- what does chapter 14 discuss in terms of the U.S. education polices?
        1. List at least one example from each chapter and provide specific details for EACH chapter.
  1. How do you think this news will impact Joe Bidens’s upcoming election campaign?
  2. As a student, what do you think about America’s education policy?
    1. What improvements would you suggest? Why?
    2. What current education policy to you think is the worst in this country or in the state of Texas? Why?

Grading Rubric:

      1. Your essay must be double spaced with full and complete sentences. Your essay must be at least 200 words with proper essay grammar and correctly spelling.
      2. 20 points will be deducted for each missing or incomplete essay questions.
    1. 25 points will be deducted from improper grammar, incomplete sentences and misspellings.

Where to Submit Essay:

  • Access Blackboard
  • From the Main Menu
    • click on the Military Spending Essay
    • Compose your essay

Part II (worth 10 points) Due 05/05/2023 by 11:59 PM

  1. Access the Discussion Board
    1. You must access the discussion board to view the discussion question.
  2. Find the discussion thread that reads, Military Spending
  3.  Make your initial post. THEN, reply to at least one classmate’s post.
  4. You must compose at least 3 full and complete sentences.

This assignment is optional and is worth a total of 65 points. Please email ahead of time with any questions that you may have. All emails after 9PM on submission night will be answered the following day. Your essay submission will be graded “as- is.”

Military Spending Sample Essay

Introduction: The issue of defense expenditure has long been a controversial subject, with countries worldwide dedicating substantial portions of their fiscal plans to strengthen their military power. Although it’s crucial to fortify national security and safeguard a nation’s concerns, an overemphasis on defense spending can have extensive effects. This discourse aims to delve into the consequences of such fiscal priorities, including economic, societal, and humanitarian dimensions, underlining the necessity for a balanced and considered approach to defense appropriations.

Economic Impact:

Alternative Cost: Extreme defense expenditure reallocates resources from imperative sectors such as academics, health services, infrastructure development, and innovative research. These domains are essential in cultivating long-lasting economic advancement and enhancing the general standard of living for inhabitants.

Budget Shortfalls and National Indebtedness: Hefty defense costs frequently lead to budgetary shortfalls and increased loans, culminating in a considerable burden of national indebtedness. This can impede enduring economic steadiness and restrict the government’s capacity to invest in vital areas like societal wellbeing and public utilities.

Resource Misdirection: An undue focus on the defense-industrial mechanism can distort resource distribution within an economy. An overreliance on military industries may suppress innovation and hinder diversification, constraining the potential for growth in emergent sectors.

Social Implications:

Overlooked Societal Welfare: Exorbitant defense spending can give rise to a society where social welfare programs are disregarded. Inadequate investments in academics, health services, and initiatives for poverty reduction can perpetuate disparity and obstruct societal progression.

Strained Civic Services: Shifting funds towards the defense sector frequently leaves civic services under-resourced. Insufficient resources for indispensable services such as public transportation, safety measures, and ecological conservation can adversely affect daily lives of the citizenry and deteriorate public faith in governmental bodies.

Impact on Academics: Exorbitant defense spending can result in diminished investments in academics, leading to deficient resources for educational institutions and research bodies. This can obstruct the cultivation of a proficient workforce and impede a nation’s enduring competitiveness.

Humanitarian and Global Perspective:

International Collaboration: Over the top defense spending can nurture an atmosphere of friction and animosity amongst nations, obstructing initiatives to establish diplomatic alliances and promoting a mentality of weaponry competition. Collective efforts to tackle global issues, such as climate change or health emergencies, may be eclipsed by defense rivalries.

Humanitarian Ramifications: Capital steered towards the defense sector could be rerouted to humanitarian endeavors, such as poverty reduction, disaster aid, and advocacy for human rights. By prioritizing defense spending, countries may overlook their obligation to address urgent global crises requiring collaborative efforts.

Weaponry Proliferation: Escalated defense spending and the pursuit of advanced armament can contribute to weaponry proliferation, increasing the likelihood of regional disputes and weaponry races. This can intensify tensions and put global stability at risk.

While fortifying national security is of utmost importance, it is fundamental to achieve a balance in defense spending. Overindulgence in allocating resources to the defense sector can have extensive repercussions for an economy, society, and international collaboration. Governments should adopt a more considered approach, acknowledging the diverse necessities of their citizenry and pursuing diplomatic resolutions to conflicts. By reallocating resources towards societal welfare, education, and humanitarian initiatives, nations can cultivate sustainable growth, advocate for peace, and address urgent global challenges.


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