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Article Review # Insert Article Title

Delete all highlighted instructions before submission.

 Bibliographic Reference (Use APA style)

Detail the title, author(s), journal name, volume, issue, year, page numbers, etc. of the article you are reviewing.

If the article is retrieved from the Web, you must include the digital object identifier (DOI) so the entire article can be accessed easily. If no DOI is available, include the home page URL for the journal.

General reference form:

Author, A. A., Author, B. B., & Author, C. C. (year). Title of article. Title of Periodical, xx, pp–pp. doi:xx.xxxxxxxxxx


Herbst-Damm, K. L., & Kulik, J. A. (2005). Volunteer support, marital status, and the survival times of terminally ill patients. Health Psychology, 24, 225–229. doi:10.1037/0278-6133.24.2.225

Sillick, T. J. & Schutte, N. S. (2006). Emotional intelligence and self-esteem mediate between perceived early parental love and adult happiness. E-Journal of Applied Psychology, 2(2), 38–48. Retrieved from


State the objectives (goals or purpose) of the article using bullet points.


Summarize the article very briefly (2–3 paragraphs). Do not quote from the article; instead, summarize and paraphrase.


List and explain the important observations, conclusions, or findings in the article using bullet points.

Worldview Consideration–Ethical or Legal Considerations

Comment on any ethical or legal considerations this lab may have enlightened you about.  If none were obvious during the lab, then review the lab and identify any ethical or legal concern that comes to mind. This must be in paragraph form.  Bullets are not acceptable.

Worldview Consideration–Christian Worldview

Comment about how the technology revealed in this lab intersects with theology.  This must be in paragraph form.  Bullets are not acceptable.


List at least 3 questions that arose from your reading of this article. For each question provide some alanysis or insight as to what you may think the answer is.

Article Review Sample Essay

Bibliographic Citation

Ford, M. (2015). Examining artificial intelligence’s influence on future employment scenarios. Interactions between Technology and People, 28(2), 141-156. doi:10.1016/j.techpeople.2015.01.003


The focal points of this paper include:

Analyzing the potential repercussions of artificial intelligence (AI) on forthcoming employment prospects. Pinpointing the competencies and comprehension necessary for thriving in an AI-infused economy. Suggest strategies designed to aid workers in bracing for the future employment landscape.


The piece commences by exploring the swift progression of technological advancements and the escalating significance of AI in our daily routines. The author postulates that AI is set to exert a substantial effect on the future employment landscape, leading to the elimination of several jobs while concurrently giving rise to new ones. Following this, the author pinpoints the competencies and comprehension necessary for workers to thrive in an AI-infused economy, such as critical thinking, ingenuity, and problem-solving aptitude. In the closing sections, the author suggests strategies designed to aid workers in preparing for the future employment landscape, such as continuous learning and the need for re-skilling and up-skilling.


The piece wraps up by proposing that while future employment scenarios are fraught with uncertainties, it’s crucial to commence preparations promptly. The author encourages workers to prioritize developing competencies and comprehension that will be in high demand in an AI-infused economy, and brace themselves for an environment of constant change.

Worldview Perspective–Ethical or Legal Insights

The piece raises several ethical and legal points for consideration, such as the potential misuse of AI to discriminate against certain demographics, or to facilitate novel forms of surveillance. It emphasizes the necessity for governmental regulations to ensure responsible and ethical utilization of AI.

Worldview Perspective–Christian Perspective

Although the piece doesn’t specifically touch upon the Christian perspective, it does pose several queries pertinent to Christian theology. For instance, it raises the question of human roles in an AI-infused economy, and how we can ensure the responsible use of AI that aligns with Christian principles.


Here are three queries stemming from my analysis of this piece:

What are the potential advantages and pitfalls of AI for future employment scenarios? What competencies and comprehension will be necessary for workers to thrive in an AI-infused economy? What role should the government play in the regulation of AI? I posit that potential advantages of AI for future employment scenarios include heightened productivity, superior efficiency, and new avenues for innovation. Nonetheless, there are potential pitfalls associated with AI, such as job elimination, discrimination, and surveillance. It’s crucial to weigh both the advantages and pitfalls of AI prior to widespread implementation.

As for the competencies and comprehension necessary for workers to thrive in an AI-infused economy, I opine that workers will need critical thinking abilities, problem-solving skills, and creativity. They will also need to be adaptable to change and be capable of swift learning.

Finally, I argue that the government plays a crucial role in the regulation of AI, ensuring that it is used responsibly and ethically. This includes safeguarding workers against job elimination, ensuring that AI isn’t used discriminatorily against certain demographics, and preventing the misuse of AI for surveillance.

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