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It may be easier to complete the assignment outside of Canvas first (e.g. in Word), at your own pace, and the then paste your responses into this page when you are ready. That way you do not risk losing your work while you are working on the assignment (e.g. if browser closes).

1)Pre-Activity Discussion Questions. Before completing the remaining parts of the assignment (#s 2 through 6), write one to two paragraphs summarizing what you know about hate groups in the United States (what type of hate groups are out there, what are some names of hate groups, where do you think hate groups are located, do you think there are any hate groups in Nebraska and why?).

2)Write a single paragraph summarizing the history of the Southern Poverty Law Center website (SPLC). Their history can be found on their website: Links to an external site.
3)Write one to two paragraphs defining what a hate group is according to the SPLC website: groupLinks to an external site.
4)Visit the Southern Poverty Law Center Hate Map: to an external site.. Write one to two paragraphs summarizing what you see (what do you initially notice about these hate groups? List at least five things you learned from reviewing this site).
5)Select a state and then select one hate group from that state from the map. Click on the hate group’s name which will reveal descriptive information about the selected group. In one to two paragraphs, summarize the information on the hate group, the purpose of this hate group, why and by whom is this group considered a hate group, what ideology does the group promote, and based on the name would did you initially think this group a hate group).

6)Write two to three paragraphs discussing what you learned about hate groups and hate crimes. What information was new to you, what did you already know? Did your views of hate groups and hate crimes changes; if so, how and why? How do you think we should address hate groups and hate crimes in the U.S


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