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As nurses, we must be well versed in both pros and cons of sensitive ethical issues and be able to present the information to our patient in an unbiased manner. We must remain unbiased and support the health decision made by the patient even if we have strong personal opinions against.* paper requirements: Clearly state that the paper will present both pros and cons of the ethical issue for the patient to be able to make an informed decision.

Information must be presented in an unbiased manner without the personal opinion of the writer. Format must meet APA requirements with title page, page and body headers, page numbers, introduction paragraph, and reference page. 7th edition sample paper will be provided to ensure proper formatting. You may use this paper as a template! At least 2 professional references introduced, one pro and one con with in-text citations.

 Explain: Why it is important for nurses to educate themselves on ethical issues in nursing?

 Explain: Why it is important for a nurse to remain unbiased and supportive regardless of the decision made by the patient?

 Consider: Nurses face ethical issues every day in practice and need to have the tools to advocate effectively for patients in an unbiased manner.

 Incorporate this thought: Nurses cannot sacrifice their values and principles, but they also cannot abandon their patient’s culture and beliefs either. Nurses need to support the patient’s decision even if it is contrary to their own belief.

Required: Paper must contain the following and meet standard discussion rubric requirements.

 Summarize the ethical issue using at least three professional resources, may include textbook.

 Why is this issue significant for the nurse/patient in health care today?

 Information on both sides of your ethical issue is presented in logical sequence/structure. Information reflects summarization in an unbiased manner.

 Research the American Nurses Association (ANA): Code of Ethics for Nurses and discuss the nurse’s responsibility to the patient. What are the implications of the ANA’s position on ethical issues and relate it to nursing practice.  Using research (not personal opinion), provide information on both sides of the issue.

 For each of the references, in-text citations must show where the information was incorporated.  APA format is required for this project, so review APA prior to submitting the assignment.


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