Expansion of the U.S. federal government

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It is not possible to overlook the expansion of the U.S. federal government since the end of the 19th century, when we consider the goals of the Founders as manifest in the Constitution and elaborated in The Federalist. Recall that they feared consolidated governmental power and intended to preserve limited government by separating power and creating checks between the branches of government in the interest of maintaining balance.

Thinking about the goals embodied in the Constitution and the evolution of national/federal government, does the United States continue to have a “balanced” federal government? Or, is the relationship between the Congress and the presidency better characterized as being “imbalanced?”

Do you agree with those who favor presidential power at the expense of Congress or others who advocate greater separation of powers and preserving the role of Congress? Be sure to explain your position as you discuss issues related to divided government, such as: ensuring separate branches of the federal government; checks and balances; limited government; and congressional polarization, and their effects on the Congress in relationship to expansion of the presidency.


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