Sterile Processing Technique Discussion

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Sterile Processing Technique Discussion
Sterile Processing Case Studies Project
OBJECTIVE: The purpose of the case study is to allow the student to analyze information
retained over the duration of the sterile processing program and apply that knowledge obtained to
provide specific solutions to common issues that may occur within the sterile processing
Choose two of the four topics as listed below: Decontamination Principles, Sterilization
Methods, Preparation of Medical Equipment and Supplies, and Inventory Control and
Distribution Systems. Once the two case studies are chosen, answer the questions using your
own vocabulary and address the conflicts or issues with solutions specific to your topics of
choice. To fulfill the requirements of this case studies project, you must employ research
techniques. You can utilize your text or other credible sources from the internet to build a
thorough paper that contains at least six main ideas with supporting details regarding the topic
chosen and a minimum of three credible references. The paper must be written in APA format
with an extensive introduction, body, and concluding statement per case study. Minimum of four
pages, double-spaced excluding title and reference pages per case study. Please refer to the rubric
regarding specific grading criteria.

Now that you understand the basic goals of this project, let’s get started.
Decontamination Principles: Dr. Sarmiento is a well-known neurosurgeon at Baptist Medical
Center. He is known for working on complex cases that involve the spine and other neurological
tissues. This past week, his private scrub tech has discovered that dirty neurological instruments
have made it into the OR. The technician consults with the patient care manager of surgical
services because the incident has been reoccurring over the past few months. With this
knowledge, respond to the following questions:
What issue(s) have occurred, and what may be the cause of these errors?
What other special precautions may the sterile processing tech need to take with instruments
exposed to neurological tissues?
What might the sterile processing department have to do to resolve this issue?
Thoroughly explain the decontamination process. What extra efforts should be made to ensure
that clean instruments are delivered to the surgical suite?
Sterilization Methods: Kristine, a technician in the sterile processing department, has noticed
that after the sterilization of surgical equipment and supplies that at least two out of every four
loads sterilized for the day have been moist. She has consulted with her supervisor on effective
ways in which she could troubleshoot the concerns with wet loads, because it has now affected
the department’s work efficiency and quality control.
Define a wet pack.
Define a wet load.

Why might the loads be wet?
What solutions can Kristine apply to ensure that the processed instrument sets aren’t moist?
Discuss how this issue can affect both the operating room and the sterile processing department.
How should Kristine handle the wet packages to ensure quality control?
Preparation of Medical Equipment and Supplies: Over the last month, the operating room has
received rigid containers without filters, assembled instrumentation such as Poole suction
devices in sterilized sets, and closed versus open packaged and processed instruments on the
stringer and within the instrument sets.
Discuss in detail how these occurrences can impact safe and efficient patient care.
Discuss the instrument preparation process. What can the sterile processing technician do to
ensure that all items are prepared and packaged correctly?
How does this situation impact the operating room staff?
Inventory Control and Distribution: The sterile processing department at Hershey-Chocolate
Medical Center has an excessive amount of inventory. Management has decided to restructure
the inventory system used in their facility and has asked you to research at minimum four
different inventory systems that may help with the safe and efficient distribution of medical
supplies and is also cost-effective.
What inventory system may work well for their department? Discuss at least four types of
inventory systems and how each could initiate a more controlled environment of inventory for
the facility.
How can distribution be affected by excessive inventory?


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