PU Emergency Preparedness

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PU Emergency Preparedness Mental Illness and Disasters Discussion
Read the CDC report on Mental Illness and Disaster Preparedness found
at http://cretscmhd.psych.ucla.edu/nola/Video/MHR?Gov…
Math, S., Nirmala, M., Moirangthem, S. and Kumar, N. (2015). Disaster management: Mental
health perspective. Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine, 37(3), p.261.
McFarlane, A. and Williams, R. (2012). Mental health services required after disasters: Learning
from the lasting effects of disasters. Depression Research and Treatment, 2012, pp.1-13.
Roudini, J., Khankeh, H. and Witruk, E. (2017). Disaster mental health preparedness in the
community: A systematic review study. Health Psychology Open, 4(1), p.205510291771130.
Discussion Board :-
Offer either a supporting or refuting argument to one of your classmate's discussions from last
week.  Conduct a search of materials on the internet to find your points of discussion.  Use these
in your discussion and cite them correctly.
I will upload 2 of my classmate's discussions and you can choose one of them.


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