Mental Health

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Mental Health

I need an explanation for this Health and Medical question to help me study.
Week 7 – Offer either a supporting or refuting argument to one of your classmate discussions
from last week.  Conduct a search of materials on the internet to find your points of discussion.
Use these in your discussion and cite correctly.
here is my classmate discussion
Stigmatization is one of the biggest challenges faced by individuals who are mentally ill.
Individuals with mental illness engage in certain behaviors that are troublesome, disruptive and
frightening. Most people affected are the family members who have to manage, tolerate or
control such kinds of responses.
Secondly, a major clinical challenge is associated with hospitalization issues. Some of the
psychiatric problems manifest as physical symptoms. These physical symptoms require unique
resource consumption for proper diagnoses.
The emotional challenges are grief, stress, depression and anxiety. Fundamental reform in the
life of a mentally challenged individual dramatically affects his or her emotional health. It's hard
for one to know if what they are experiencing is depression or stress.
According to the world health organization, one of the unique preparedness needs is the
psychological assistance for the mentally ill people. The requirement provides emotional support
to the individual with depression as a result of recent events.  Psychological first aid should be
made available to teachers, volunteers and medical (staff Scheff & Thomas).
The second need is the fundamental mental health care skills which should cover the priority
issues like psychotic illness, epilepsy, stress and depression.

Thirdly, equipping more people with skills for psychological interventions. For instance, group
therapy, problem-solving and cognitive therapy.
Mental health is a fundamental element for every individual. However, it complicated for us to
handle since we are not able to define when one is mentally stable or mentally challenged. For
example, it's challenging to determine the social, mental and physical health or infirmity or
absence of mental health disease.


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