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Medical Errors are an Ongoing Threat to Quality Health Care Case Study Questions
Case Study, Chapter 14, Medical Errors: An Ongoing Threat to Quality Health Care

A nurse manager is reviewing occurrence reports of medical errors over the last six months. The
nurse manager knows that medical errors are not the only indicator of quality of care. They are,
however, a pervasive problem in the current health care system and one of the greatest threats to
quality health care. The nurse manager is putting together a list of possible solutions to decrease
the number of occurrences of medication errors.
1. Recognizing that health care errors affect at least one in every 10 patients around the world,
the World Health Organization’s World Alliance for Patient Safety and the Collaborating Centre
identified priority program areas related to patient safety. What are the patient safety program
areas the nurse manager should consider for implementation?
2. Describe the Joint Commission 2017 National Patient Safety Goals for Hospitals.
3. Discuss the Institute of Medicine’s four-pronged approach to reducing medical mistakes?


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