Issues of Performance and Behavior

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Walden University Issues of Performance and Behavior Discussion

Discussion: Issues of Performance and Behavior
Assessing employees’ achievements and shortcomings—performance evaluation—can be a
daunting task for managers and HR professionals. In addition to acknowledging and applauding
achievements, performance evaluations force managers and HR professionals to confront
employees about problems and issues. This requires a great deal of assertiveness, empathy, and
tact but is ultimately very beneficial to the success of individual employees and organizations as
a whole. Conducting performance assessments, communicating their results, and addressing
problems and acknowledging successes helps employees meet expectations and take
responsibility for self-improvement.
In this Discussion, you will examine three scenarios that will allow you to describe problems of
performance and behavior. You also will assess the actions of the characters in the scenarios.
Finally, you will formulate an HR strategy to address each case.
To prepare for this Discussion:
Review Chapter 9 of the McConnell textbook. Focus on how performance appraisals are
essential to the success and progress of employees within an organization.
Review Chapter 14 of the McConnell textbook
Consider the following three cases:
Samuel Johnson subtly makes women feel uncomfortable when he moves around the office
without overtly doing anything that would be considered sexual harassment. The behavior has
increased in the last 3 weeks and has now carried over onto his female clients. This is affecting
the work environment.

Christine Harrison wants to be taken seriously and is going a little too far to prove she is tough.
Lately, she has been demeaning her coworkers. She attracts a lot of clients, but her tough exterior
makes her less relatable. Other coworkers often need to calm her clients down.
Peter Fredrickson goes out to lunch and is consistently 5-10 minutes late getting back. He also
only takes the preferred clients. He lets the newer coworkers deal with the lower profile clients.


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