Health and Medical Grant Funding

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Health and Medical Grant Funding Proposal
Create a one-page Needs Statement that addresses the following:
the reason for requesting funding
the significant need for the grant with existing literature and research to support the assertion
the goals or expected results
who will be served by the grant
Part II: Locating Potential Funding Sources:

Conduct an internet search and list a minimum of ten (10) possible funding sources. Each grant
has to be viable to your overall grant proposal and not solely related to the focus of the proposal.
Your list must include the name of the grants, the funding source [name of the
organization/association], along with the website address for each listed funding source.
Part III: Grant Proposal
Your grant proposal will include the following:

A summary of the project
Outline the plan of action to implement the grant, describing the activities and a sequence of
events. The description also included who on the staff of the organization would be involved;
what kind of training, if necessary, would be for the staff; the anticipated outcomes; and the
method of evaluating the success of the project
Explanation of why should your organization receive the grant? What resources and
competencies does it have to successfully use the grant? Will you be working with other
organizations on this grant? What qualifications do individuals in the organization have to
Describe your organizations budget


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