Government Sponsored Health Plans

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Government Sponsored Health Plans Discussion
Discussion rules: We will be using the discussions as needed to interact and gain knowledge
from one another. All discussions will have word counts (150 words for initial post, 50 words for
re-posts/reply). As we come from different backgrounds, we can learn from each
other, experiences, and knowledge.
Instructions: Find a article (within last year) that discusses government-sponsored (Medicare,
Medicaid (state or federal), Chidlren Health Insurance Program (CHIP), Indian Health
Services, Veterans Health Administration, Tricare, or Workers Compensation) healthcare costs
or reimbursement. This article can come from a journal, news, or other types of media press.

Initial Post: Summarize the article and choose the 2-3 most important aspects (concepts, issues,
factual information etc) to write and share with your peers. Make sure you include the reference.
The initial post needs to be at minimum 150 words. Pose a question(s) for other students to
answer based on the information from this article.
Repost: Respond to one other student your thoughts or answer to their question. At minimum
your response should be 50 words.

OTHER Student:

Utah House advances Medicaid expansion for soon-to-be released inmates (Links to an external
(Title linked to source) The Utah House of Representatives passed HB38: Substance Use and
Healthcare Amendments which was sponsored by Rep Brad Daw from Orem to expand
Medicaid benefits to inmates who will be released from prison at least 30 days. This will allow
them to continue their mental health treatments they are currently receiving in prison even after
they are released. Currently, anyone who is incarcerated is not eligible to receive any Medicaid
benefits however this bill will be in a form of a waiver for inmates who are supposed to get
released. No other state has ever used that waiver however, according to Rep Daw, this will
allow the state to continue the rehabilitation of inmates after they are released from prison. This
will also be helpful for the state because it would prevent any re-offense or recurrence of a crime
from the inmate.
What do you think of this bill? Do you think this will really help the inmates or will this be an
additional expense for the state?



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