Financial Growth Proposal

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Assignment – Financial Growth Proposal
In the field of health care, one thing is for certain: innovation will continue to grow
exponentially. Most of the innovations that healthcare leaders say they are excited about have
less to do with medical advances and more to do with improving how health care is accessed,
provided, and paid for in this country (Phillips, 2015). Understanding how to support and move
forward with this growth is essential for a health care manager.
Research and prepare a proposal to address the following health care topic/issue:
An assisted living center wants to add a fitness studio, staffed by licensed Physical Therapists.
You will need to use a document template for this assignment. Templates may be found by
searching Microsoft Word. A few examples include the Business Plan and Project Scope
Report templates. You will need to edit the template headers to be applicable to this assignment,
but retain the overall design elements to create a clean, professional-looking document.
Use the following outline within your template. Bolded items should be used as section headings.
Additional subcategories may be included:
Executive Summary

What is being proposed?
Proposal Description
Supporting documentation: basic financials (ex: purchase price, lease or buy options, average
reimbursement rates, etc.)
Market Assessment
Utilization of the product or service
Financial & Risk Analysis
Provide a clear picture of revenues, expenses, profits, etc.
How will the project be financed?
What is the expected ROI?
What is the financial risk? (include how risk is calculated)
Is this a viable option?
How should the entity proceed?


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